Export IFC Model from Revit

Export Using Revit then Upload Using the Client

To first export an IFC model from Revit, select Export > IFC:


And then you can go to the dRofus Client and upload the IFC there. For details on how to do this, go to: 2020-04-01_20-17-02_Connecting to the IFC Model Server.

See Exporting to Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) on the Autodesk website to learn about required settings in Revit:


Users should include "Export Revit Property Sets" under "Property Sets" and set the "Level of Detail" to "Medium" for best results. 

In order to be able to upload IFC models to the dRofus model server, the User must have Model Server Rights.

For more information on IFC with dRofus, go to 04 IFC and BIM.