Sync Current View

Under the Sync Button in the dRofus Ribbon, there is the option to Sync current View (see below). This will sync everything that is in the current view with your dRofus project.

After the Sync has been selected from the menu, it will become the default until another Sync option is selected.

Once you have selected Sync current View, a prompt will appear informing you of your options for the Sync. To Sync without this window appearing, select Sync current View (no prompt). 

Important Note: Sync per view does sync occurrences by what is currently in the view range in Revit. It can create new occurrences in dRofus from instances in Revit, but it does not work with planned occurrences with quantities.

This should only be used to update a one-to-one relationship with instances in Revit. This means that it is not recommended to sync planned Items in Rooms, but is best suited for syncing Systems.

Sync Preview

Before the sync completes, you will get a Preview of the Occurrences that will be Created and Updated (see below). This will allow you to review the scope of the operation prior to completing it.