dRofus Panel Areas Introduction

Within the dRofus Ribbon, select the "Show panel" button to activate the dRofus Panel:

A movable and dock-able dRofus Panel will then appear as follows:

Select a Revit Area that is already linked to a corresponding dRofus Function, and the dRofus Panel will display all the dRofus Function Function Properties attributes as shown:

Depending on the active / default Function <-> Revit Area Configuration, you will note that there may appear arrows to the right of some of the Function Properties attributes.

In this example, a Configuration called "Revit Areas - Update" has been applied. If you click on this Configuration, and then (within the Attribute Configuration Settings dialog, click on "Edit" against the Function <-> Revit Area Configuration called "Revit Areas - Update", you will note (within the Area Attribute Configuration Editor dialog) that:

  • dRofus' Function Properties attribute (1) has been mapped such that it's values are pushed in to Revit Area parameters, hence the arrows within the dRofus Panel are orange in color and point to the right
  • dRofus' Function Properties attributes (1) (2) have been mapped such that their values are pulled from Revit Area parameters, hence the arrows within the dRofus Panel are blue in color and point to the left


If you (on the other hand) select a Revit Area which has not already been linked to a corresponding dRofus Function, the dRofus Panel will then display the following message and you are able to link to dRofus from here as follows:

For information on data exchange between dRofus Functions and Revit Areas, refer to: dRofus Panel Areas Updating Data.