Modify User Interface

Add/Remove panels

Different users may work with different data and so will require different data to display. Therefore, you can customize your interface by adding and removing Panels as well as choosing their locations. Panels are available on the right-hand side when you open a Module (e.g. the Rooms or Items Module):

Panes highlighted in yellow

Hover the cursor over the icons to see what you can open. When you select a Panel it will be placed automatically within the user interface. Later you can move the Panel to another location. Click on the Panel header and drag it away from its original location. The Panel will detach from its original location and you can then select a different location for it.

When you drag the Panel across you will see a locator that will help you place at a new location in relation to the existing Panels.

Keep the left mouse button pressed while you drag the Panel to one of the arrows or the central square within the locator, and a colored markup displaying a preview of where the Panel will be placed will appear. When the mouse button is released, the Panel will take up the new location. Not satisfied with the placement? Then try again.

Example: If you are working with Room Data Sheets and want quick access to the Room Data information for editing, you can add the Room Data Sheet panel

Use of lists

When working with large lists (such as the room list), it is often beneficial to sort the data by a specific column. You do this by clicking on the title at the top of the list in the field you want to sort by. If you click on the same title once more, the list will sort in the reverse order. For example, you can sort a room list in alphabetic order by room name by clicking on the title at the top of the room name column.

You can also reorganize the column order in all lists. To do this, click on the title of the column and drag and drop it into a new position. This will be saved by dRofus and displayed every time you use the system. If you want to reset to the original column order, all you have to do is right-click and select Add/Remove columns and Restore default.

Add/Remove columns

Users can also modify which columns are shown within lists by using Add/Remove columns. Add/Remove columns is identified by a  icon within the bottom-right corner of all lists in dRofus. Add/remove columns can also be found within the right-click Context Menu:

This will open a dialogue box where you can select fields to include within your list. The fields available will depend on which list you are in.

dRofus will remember the choices you make here and save them until new changes are made. The Restore default button will reset your changes back to the predefined columns as well as their positions. Some of the columns may result in slow searching and navigation within the lists. This will not always be that noticeable, but if you do have a high number of (for e.g.,) Items within the Items in Room Panel, the list may take a longer time to refresh.

Save column setup

If you use the "Save as" button, dRofus can save the list to later. Basically the list only can be seen by you. However you can choose, by checking the boxes in the the picture, to share it with all users in the project and/or make a default list for the project. List that is saved you can find in the left corner. The light grey text will tell you if the list is shared or default. If it is private, only your username will appear.

Saved Layouts

dRofus provides a few preset layouts to activate and locate commonly used Panels. These layouts can be accessed using the 'Change layout' button on the right side above the properties panel.
In addition to changing Layouts, users can also create their own saved layouts. Once you have activated panels, and arranged them to your liking, use the 'Save...' option under 'Change layout' to retain your settings.
If you are an Admin, the layouts that you save will also be visible to others.