Systems for Revit

As with most BIM objects, Revit families consist of both a type and an instance object. An important principle to note is that there should be a one to one relationship between items in dRofus and Revit family types. This is important because an item in dRofus can only have one type and/or system classification. Therefore, you cannot use the same Family type object for occurrences that should have different classifications. For example you cannot use the same family type object for electrical distribution if their occurrences should be classified with 23-35 31 15 - Electrical distribution (Omniclass table 23) and other occurrences should be classified as 21-07 40 10 10 - Electrical Utility Services (Omniclass table 21). Here you need to have two separate revit family types.


One family type can only be associated to one System