Import and Update Rooms from MS Excel

You can Import/Update rooms, room data structures, Room Properties, Groups, and Room Data into dRofus from Excel by going to the Rooms Module → Import/Export and choosing Import/Update Rooms.

This will open a window where you can choose an Excel file from your computer.

The same standards for Excel Sheets that apply the Import and Updating of rooms also apply to the Importing/Updating of Rooms. In the example below, new rooms are being imported and an update is being performed by adding Room Name Descriptions and updating the Programed Area (fields in red) to the Rooms that we imported and then updated above.

Note: The only rows that we have included the Department (Number) and Department (Name) are those new rooms that are being imported. The rooms that are being updated, the Room Function # as Identifier Room to indicate which rooms in the project should be updated.

Upon selecting the file that will be the source of the import/update, you will need to select the Identifier for the Room. In this case, the Room Function # as Identifier Room to indicate which rooms in the project should be updated (see highlight from the image below). At this point in the process, it is important to check to confirm that the program recognizes the column names and check to make sure that the Import/Update dropdown is set to Update Existing (included in highlight).

After clicking Import and the bottom of the window, The import/update process will run and if successful, you will get a message indicating how many rooms have been imported and updated (see below). If the import or update fails, you will receive an error message along with an error log.

The end results in dRofus:

Click the Room Data button to import Room Data fields. This will open a dialogue box with all defined Room Data fields and you can choose which fields you want to import. The program tries automatically to match column name to Room Data fields. This will succeed if the column name is written in the following format: <tab name> - <group name> - <group element name> - <field name>. It is important here to check the Room Data tabs in dRofus to make sure that the text is entered correctly. For example, the column name "Description - Personal load - Persons, maximum" is mapped to the Description tab, the Personal load group and the Persons, maximum group element.