Room Overview

The most central concept in the program is a room. The rooms are placed within a functional structure, as parts assembled to make up functional units. This structure most often has two or three levels. The functional position of the room is not directly linked to the room's geographical position and location.

The room is identified using a unique room function number. This number stays with the room throughout the building project, and the number is never re-used within the same project for another room. The room function number is composed of the room's position within the functional structure in addition to a serial number, e.g. room no. 01.01.001 will be positioned as follows:

Only users with administration rights are permitted to permanently delete a room. In general, rooms which have been created are rarely deleted, but can be marked as deleted if they are no longer to form part of the project. If a room is to be moved to another part of the structure, the user will be asked whether he/she wants to mark the original room as deleted and create a new room with a new room function number. You will also have the choice to move the room. This operation should not be utilized when the room function number is being used by the project, as the old numbers may be re-used. 

The room has a number of central qualities which are described in the room properties information. This is information such as: Room function number, name of room, description of room, other room numbers (drawing number, designed/geographical room number and use room number), the programmed area (the planned size of the room) and the designed area (the final size of the room as drawn by the architect). 

Changes to the room properties information and other significant changes to the room are entered in a log known as a room log

The room is linked to other information, such as room data sheet (Room Data) and Item lists. This is information not normally assigned to a room, but which has to be created for each room. These concepts are explained later in this document.