Nested Revit Families and Sub Items

Nested Family Types can be scheduled within the Revit project, as well as being displayed within the "Items in room", "Items in level/model" or "Items in level/model (spaces)" Panels if they have been designated as "Shared" within the Family Editor:

These 2 x Chair Family Types have been nested to a Round Dining Table Family Type:

Within the Properties in the Family Editor for the Chair, "Shared" has been set to TRUE:

The Nested Chair Family Type is also displayed within the "Items in Room" window:

 If the Nested Family Types are not ticked as "Shared" (and at the same time the corresponding Items are "planned" within dRofus) - the Validation Panel will not display as "Model count = x" within the Revit column.

If you have allocated Sub-Items within dRofus to plan:

If you would like to validate them against their corresponding Family Types (whether they are independent or nested) in Revit, you will need to ensure that the box next to "Hide Sub Items" within "Options" is unchecked. This will allow Sub-Items to be displayed in the validation Panel:

Automate Sub Item Relationship from Nested Families

After Items and Families have a linked relationship and nested families are linked to items, the process of created sub items based on the nested families can be automated. Open the Items to Families window and select the main family that includes nested families and select Sync 

Then check the box next to Synchronize nested families to subs this will build the sub item relationship based on the nested families and quantity of nested families in that family type.