Revit Family Attribute Configuration

You can create a new or edit an existing configuration to be used for synchronizing between Item <-> Revit Family. Refer Create New or Edit Revit Attribute Configuration.

Some important things to note:

  • Project Parameters are available for mapping with dRofus Items, not Family Parameters. There is, however, a good practice approach to enable the import of Family Parameters, and that is by creating Project Parameters (with the exact same names as the Family parameters) within the applicable Revit Categories.
  • Using the dRofus "Item ID" as the "Key attribute used for comparing" between Revit and dRofus is highly recommended as this attribute is guaranteed to contain a unique value against each Item. In addition, as long as each Item exists within dRofus, their unique values will never change.
  • As the Family Types associated with different Revit Categories can have different sets of parameters, it may be necessary to delve in and create various 'sub' configurations for the Family Types associated with different Revit Categories, using the "+" button as follows:

For more details, refer to: Sub Configurations for Category-Specific Family Types and Instances.

  • As dRofus Item Type attributes as well as Revit Family Type Parameters are also available within the Instance / Occurrence type of configurations, it is therefore possible to also use the Instance / Occurrence configurations to push values from dRofus Item Type attributes (such as "Item Name", "Item Number", "BIM ID" etc.) in to Revit Family Instance parameters, as well as push values from Revit Family Type parameters (such as "Type Name", "Type Mark" etc.) in to dRofus Item Occurrence attributes.
  • In the case of Instance / Occurrence configurations, you will note that all Type as well as Instance parameters pertaining to the To Room, From Room, Host Instance and Host Type sections are also available for mapping with dRofus Item parameters:

Product Data and Revit Families

By using the Item Attribution Configuration Editor you have the ability to connect Product Data for an Item to a Family in Revit. You can view each of the fields and categories that can be synced by clicking on the Default Product. Under the General Category, you will find Manufacturer, Supplier, and Responsibility as selectable categories.