Tracking Revit Rooms Spaces and Areas

When the "Start tracking" feature is activated you are prompted to select or create a dRofus Room to link to whenever a new Revit Room is created. In addition, you will be given a few options as actions to take when a Revit Room is deleted. The "Start tracking" feature ensures that all the Rooms you have in your model are properly linked to Rooms in dRofus.

  • Select "Start tracking"
  • Select "Room (RM)" in Revit and place a Room.
  • A dialog box will appear. Use the 'Room filter' to search for specific Rooms to place. When a Room is placed in the model it will disappear from the list. You can search for Rooms based on any of the Room Properties parameters, Room Groups and Room Data fields defined within dRofus.
  • Tick 'Update dRofus with configuration' if you simultaneously want to update dRofus with any design information. The data that gets updated will depend on the active Room Attribute Configuration. For more details on this, go to: Create New or Edit Revit Attribute Configuration.

You can also link an existing Room in the Revit model to a Room Template in dRofus. Instead of searching for a Room within the Rooms tab, select the Room Templates tab and search for the Room Template.

When you delete a Revit Room, you will be prompted with whether you'd like to leave the Room in the Revit schedule and update dRofus with the latest design information or if you would like to Mark the Room as deleted in dRofus. The options you get when you add or delete Revit Rooms will also apply when you cut, copy or paste Revit Rooms. If the tracking feature is turned off, it will still ensure that the key attribute used for comparing is not copied when you carry out a copy > paste operation.

Auto Sync

When a Room, Space or Area have a change in the model that is related to the current configuration, the whole configuration is synced.
For example, when Design Area is configured in Revit to update dRofus and the Room Name is configured to update the Revit Room Name from dRofus - if a wall moves to change the Design Area, the Room Name will also update.