Add Image of Revit Room

Within the "Synchronize" Panel, if the "Add image" option is selected then images can be uploaded from Revit to the corresponding dRofus Client Rooms or Room Templates when Synchronizing.

These images will be based on views that are temporarily created within Revit.

The following options are available when uploading images (as numbered below):

  1. Add image: Generates a bitmap image of a detail floor plan view for each Room being synchronized. The new Image will match the View Template Settings and / or Visibility Settings / Graphic Overrides within your active View. The resolution of the Image is set as 800 dpi by default, however you can change this in Options. For more detailed information, refer to: Revit Options.
  2. Generate key plan view: Generates a bitmap image key plan view of the entire floor level highlighting the Room for each Room being synchronized.
  3. Generate ceiling plan view: Generates a bitmap image of a reflected ceiling plan view for each Room being synchronized. The level for the room is set as underlay for the ceiling plan.
  4. Delete existing images of room in dRofus: If checked, this will delete any existing Revit-generated images from the Room in dRofus prior to uploading the new images.
  5. Keep Generated View: The Revit views from which these bitmap images are generated are deleted following the upload to dRofus of the generated bitmap images. If you would like to retain the created views to (for e.g.) tag, edit crop region, apply or update View Templates etc., check this option. Any image uploads for rooms henceforth will be based on these retained Revit views. If you would like the Plug-In to create new views again then the previous views will need to be deleted manually.

When adding images while synchronizing Rooms using either "Selection only" or "Current level only" as the Revit filter, the images created will be based on views that are duplicated (with detailing) from the current / associated views. This means that all View Template Settings and / or Visibility Settings / Graphic Overrides that apply to your active views will affect the images that are uploaded.

If you are synchronizing Rooms using either "All in schedule" or "All placed" as the Revit filter, the images created will be based on new views upon which the closest existing View Template (in the Revit project) will be applied automatically. If there are no View Templates existing in the Revit project, these new views will have the default Visibility Settings which include all Model as well as Annotation Categories.

Example using a dRofus filter:

If a synchronization, including all the image options, is run, and the Revit and dRofus filters applied are as highlighted below:

Each Room in Unit 1 within Level 10 in dRofus will then have a detail floor plan view, a key plan view and a reflected ceiling plan view.

Looking at the following Room in Revit called "LOUNGE DINER" (the Room Number of which is "L10-009"):

The corresponding Room in dRofus will then contain the three images as shown below:

Naming of View Templates in Revit

When synchronizing the current selection or the current view, the generating images will be based on a view that is duplicated (with detailing) from the current view. This means that all settings, tags etc. you see in your current view will be part of the generated image. If you are synchronizing All in the model, the generated images will be based on a blank view. In this case, once the view has been created in Revit, a View Template will also be applied to the view prior to export to dRofus. This is done is the View Templates exist. The View Templates have predefined names. See the Table below for naming of View Templates and example images:

Naming of Saved Views in Revit

If you check the option "Keep generated views" when adding images while synchronizing the Rooms, the names of these created views will contain (as a suffix) the dRofus Room ID and Image Position Number in parenthesis.

It is possible to rename these views to be whatever you like, as long as they end with these suffixes. The suffix is what the Plug-In uses as the key value for matching up with the corresponding Rooms in dRofus Client when uploading the images during synchronization.

In the case of the example above, the new views created in Revit for the Unit 1 Rooms in Level 10 will be as highlighted below:

In the case of the Room in Revit called LOUNGE DINER" (the Room Number of which is "L10-009"), the view names end with "(4619-X)" where "4619" is the dRofus Room ID and "X" is the image position when uploaded to dRofus.

Conventionally in dRofus, the detail plan view will be in the 1st position, the key plan view in the 2nd position and reflected ceiling plan view the 3rd image respectively.

Naming of Uploaded Images in dRofus

Once the images of Revit Rooms have been uploaded to dRofus Rooms using synchronization, the names of these images will contain "From Revit - " followed by "Detail" for plan views. "Key Plan" for key plan views and "Ceiling Detail" for ceiling plan views:

Importing Elevations, Sections, Renderings, 3D views etc. as Images

Currently, dRofus does not automatically create views other than detail floor plan view, key plan view and refelected ceiling plan view for Rooms during synchronization. If you would like to upload any additional views as images to Rooms in dRofus, you will need to first create these views within Revit, and then ensure that the names of these views ends with the suffix in parenthesis (mentioned earlier).

In the case of the example above, we have created a 3D view for the Room in Revit called "LOUNGE / DINER" and named this as "Room L10-001 - 3D View (4619-4)" as shown below:

"4" here is the image position number, and so the next time you include "Add image" when synchronizing the Room with dRofus this view is uploaded to the Room in dRofus as the 4th image as follows:

Revit TIP

To create a Room-specific 3D View from a default 3D View, go to View > 3D View, right-click on the navigation view cube, then go to Orient to View > Floor plans > "Floor Plan: Room L10-009 - Detail (4619-1)" (the detail floor plan view previously created by dRofus):

Click on one of the corners within the navigation view cube to set the desired angle / direction and then rename the view to include the suffix "(4619-x)" - where x = position of the image when uploaded to the Room in dRofus as follows: