Revit Add-On Install

Revit versions supported by dRofus

The following Revit versions are supported and all versions supported by Autodesk:

dRofus version

Revit versions

dRofus 2.8Revit 2023
dRofus 2.7Revit 2022
dRofus 2.6Revit 2022
dRofus 2.5

Revit 2021

dRofus 2.4

Revit 2020

dRofus 2.3Revit 2020
dRofus 2.2Revit 2019
dRofus 2.1Revit 2019
dRofus 2.0Revit 2018*
dRofus 1.10Revit 2018*
dRofus 1.8Revit 2017*

*no longer supported by Autodesk and dRofus no longer supports the Add-in in our current version.


The dRofus Add-On for Revit is automatically installed with the dRofus Client. If you have an older version of dRofus installed, please make sure Revit is closed, then download the latest version from here and install (or install from the link if this is provided). If you are running a Revit session at the time of installing dRofus, you may get a message asking you to first close Revit.

After the installation, log in to the dRofus Client. The Add-On will then be automatically installed and available with the following dRofus menu/ribbon the next time you start Revit:

Whenever there is a version update to dRofus, you will be asked to click on the "restart the application now" button within the Client. Again, if you click on that button and you happen to have a Revit session running at that time, you will get a message asking you to first close Revit: