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For API versions newer than 4.20, urls should contain database and projectId. Ie. when previously getting rooms from http://xxx/api/rooms, now rooms should be read from http://xxx/api/database/projectid/rooms


Currently we support bearer tokens and basic authentication (username and password). If you would like to use tokens - please reach out to and we can provide needed information..

Providing database and projectId


All API endpoints should provide database and project id as part of the url. E.g.

[Deprecated] Providing database and projectId in basic auth   

Currently it is still possible to add database and project id as part of username when using basic auth. This is deprecated and not recommended. But still needed if you want to see the project specific API documentation in swagger.

db-nameThe database-name as you would enter in dRofus Client
project-idId of project. Usually '01'. This is optional only if database only contains one project
user-nameThe name you log on with in dRofus client
languageThe language you want to see data in. Optional, and default is the language configured for the database