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It is possible to both import and update room templates, room template properties information, groups, and Room Data into dRofus from Excel by using the Import/Export tab from within the Template for Rooms module. 


This will open a window where you can choose an Excel file from your computer. Once you have done this, dRofus will automatically suggest the first row of data and check whether the program recognizes the column name which matches either with Room Properties fields, Group Names, or Room Data fields in dRofus. This is only intended as a suggestion and must be double-checked in the Excel spreadsheet before running the import. It is important to also check that the correct worksheet has been specified. It does not matter which columns contain the data, however, it must be specified in the import dialog window. Only the columns specified for import will be read.

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You can choose to either only import a room template which that does not already exist, only update existing room templates or both. You also have to choose how to identify the room templates if they are to be updated, for example via their codeWhen using Import no identifier is needed, but for update Template ID, Room Template Code or Room Template Name is needed. If you only import new room templates, all room templates which match existing room templates in dRofus will return an error message and the operation will be terminated without the data in dRofus being changedthat will detail the issue to resolve. The same will occur if you only want to update room templates but one or more room templates do not match the existing room templates in dRofus.

Click the Room Data button to import Room Data fields. This will open a dialogue box with all defined Room Data fields and you can choose which fields you want to import. The program tries automatically to match column name names to Room Data fields. This will succeed if the column name is written in the same way as in the column 'Excel label' in the dialogue window.