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There are several ways in which to create a room list in dRofus. You can manually create a function structure and room in the room module, you can import from Excel or Revit, or you can create rooms from an IFC model. The program's IFC functionality is described in detail in a separate users' guide available here. The process to import a room list from Excel is described in Import and Update Data.

Create room function structure


When you add a room (Add room from the toolbar), you will see a Panel where you enter core information Properties information such as Name (mandatory), Room Name Description, Name on Drawing and Programmed area. You edit these values and fill in more information on the room later in the Properties. All other functions available for a room can be found by right-clicking on the room. If you mark a room as deleted, the rooms' designed area will be set to zero and all linked information (Room Data, Items, finishes) will be deleted.